Featured Co-ops

The Withlacoochee Electric Cooperative provides electricity to five counties along the central Florida Gulf Coast. The cooperative works to improve the living conditions of the community and address the extreme poverty of the area.

Cooperative Care is a worker-owned cooperative providing homemaker service and certified nursing assistant care to elderly and disabled persons in their own homes. With its mission, ‘To provide high quality home-based care to the elderly and disabled, while providing fair wages and benefits to the people caring for them,’ Cooperative Care is the first such co-op in the Midwest.

TULIP Credit Union believes that access to capital should be available to anyone, regardless of their income level. "We're trying to create lending opportunities for those who don't have them currently. And we want to provide products and services that have particular value to low-income people." In many poor communities there is an extreme shortage of formal sector financial institutions.

Residents in Northeast Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood are banding together to open a cooperatively-owned grocery store. A key motivation for the creation of the Co-op is to address the extreme need for healthy, affordable food in Kensington by providing healthy, quality food to their members and the community.

For 15 years, Women's Action to Gain Economic Security has worked with low-income immigrant Latinas to launch green business cooperatives, enabling women to work together to succeed.  As co-op members, women have healthy work, good pay, and a voice in key decisions – and profits are distributed equitably.